only way to make a repair is to go aloft

    Sometimes the only way to make a repair is to bite the bullet and "up you go". Luckily for me my 11 year old just loves to go aloft.

masts up in cradle

    This is a slick way to reinstall your mast at the beginning of the season. Do it with the boat still in the cradle and with lots of helpers. These owners lined up their boats one after another and chipped in on the crane rental. Alot less stressfull then trying to do it in the water and with a pro on the crane, not much chance of damaging your mast.


How to Tune a Stayed Mast

     When tuning your spar, I have been taught to get the mast as straight as you can with a bit of aft rake. With four lower shrouds, the forward lowers should have a little more tension then the aft lowers. This will allow the spar to bend aft if any and that is good, a forward bend is bad because it makes the main fuller as the breeze picks up. Next, look up the groove under sail pressure of about 10 to 15 knots of air on the leeward side. The groove should be straight. Make notes and adjust turnbuckles when the rig is not under strain.



MQYR 2017