new3Nonsuch Mast Wedges

new3OEM Dorade Box Cowl Vents
 3 inch and 4 inch



new3Nonsuch and Niagara
Cat Heater Chimney Cap
 with new through deck pipe

new3NS22 Tiller Replacement Bracket



(Prevents seawater from
entering exhaust system)

Niagara 35 (Klacko style) Mast Boot



Nonsuch Mast Boot

Mast Boot Gear Clamp Kit



Niagara 31 & 35 Mast Boot

Mast Boot Gear Clamp Kit



Heli Coil Thread Replacement Kit
 (1/4 or 5/16)

Partial Kit (without Loctite)

Ultimate Anti-Corrosion Kit




NS Aft Wishbone Casting Revised

Nonsuch Forward
Wishbone Casting Revised



NS 30 Corner Castings

Nonsuch Emergency Tiller
Anodized with Handle



   Nonsuch 30 Samson Post

 Brand new (old style)
Nonsuch head casting sheaves
4 Inch Diameter



NS Wishbone Mainsheet Bail
Heavy Duty

Nonsuch Fair Lead Collar
(including reconditioning &
 transfer of your hardware)



    Stainless Hatch Spring
12 inch
8.75 inch 0

Anchor Roller Pin
 3/8 X 4 Inch Grip




NS 36 Vinyl Toe Rail Cap Kit 

NS 33 & 36 Toe Rail
(Drilled And Anodized)
Call for Quote



Nonsuch Sail Track Rivets

Cast Bronze Sail Slides For 7/8 Track



NS 30 Wishbone Topping Lift

Nonsuch and Niagara Toe Rail
Anodized in Clear or Black



Nonsuch Wishbone Hangers
(no need to remove pad eyes
call for details)

New Spinlock XA Sides



NS 22, 26, 30
Mast Joint Through Bolts

NS Mast Joint Through
 Bolt Repair Kit



Stanchion S.S. Tapered 24” x 1”
Drilled at 12”& 24”

 Headliner Plugs
1/2, 3/4, 7/8 & 1 inch



Nonsuch Halyard Exit

NS 22,26,30 Main Halyard
Choice of Tracer Color Available



“Easy Fit” Reef Hooks
Niagara 31 & 35

NS 22, 26, 30 Reef Line Guides



Windex 3150 – 15 inch vane

Windex AV 3160 – 15 inch vane
(To be used with combination Windex/VHF)



Combination Windex and VHF antenna
 with Bracket #6.5

Combination Windex and VHF
 with Bracket #10.5



65 Feet RG8X VHF Cable
 with Silver Compound Connectors

Shakespeare Squatty Body VHF Antenna #5215



Windex Bracket

Universal Masthead
 Mount for Windex
(Windex extension Bracket)

Single purpose
Windex Extension Bracket



Schaefer Jaw Jaw Toggle for 1/2 pin

Universal Deck Plate Key



Schaefer 93-76 Headboard Shackle
NS 33 & NS 36 Main Halyards

Nonsuch Mast Tie Down



Combination Steaming
 and Foredeck Light

Long Arm Riveter
Range = 1/8 to 1/4 Rivets



Aqua Signal Series 25 Bulb

Double Contact / Bayonet Base
 7.5 watts



NS 26 Upper Choker Cheek Block

 Rudder Bearings Custom Sizes



NS 22 Wishbone Reef Cheek Block

NS 22 Mast Choker Block





NS 30 Upper Choker Cheek Block

Heat Resistant Lubricant
(Great for Isolating Dissimilar Metals)



10 inch Lock-In Winch Handle

Soft Vinyl Winch Handle Pouches
11.25”x 3”
12” x 3.75”



NS 22 Floating Choker Block

Classic Nonsuch flush mounted
 Navigation Light lens.



Wishbone Bumpers & Rivets
NS 22, 26, 30
NS 33, 36
(Currently Out Of Stock)

   Nonsuch and Niagara Rub Rail
 (All Models)
(Currently Out Of Stock)












Niagara 31 & 35 Mast Wiring Conduit Cover

The plastic cover for the wire conduit in the Niagara masts after 20 years becomes very brittle. We have replacement kits for both the 31 and
 the 35.




Call for Pricing




Wire Rope Halyards

 All Halyards are made with 7x19 stainless steel wire spliced to Yacht Braid. Choice of color code at no extra charge. All Halyards come with Thimble and Sleeve



Call for Pricing




Floating Moorings

Floating Moorings? No Problem!!

We make fancy-shmancy nylon mooring lines with a large eye at one end and a heavy-duty stainless thimble at the other end. Also to guard against chafe at the chock we install adjustable vinyl chafe guards.



Call for Pricing










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